Success Stories

                                                       Success Stories


UgoSunday Foundation has such a breadth of advocacy issues and programs to support women and girls! I’ve learned so much through my volunteer work with this organization and am impressed by the dedication of each volunteer member. UgoSunday Foundation is so passionate about their cause to empower women and girls at risk.











Augustina Chukwuemeka Volunteer

I’ve been volunteering for UgoSunday  for about three years. You will never meet a more dedicated group who work tirelessly for women in need. No one takes a salary;  every dime that is donated to UgoSunday Foundation goes back helping and empowering the less privileged women in our communities. Am proud to be part of this kind gesture.







Recipients and Graduates from USF  Vocational Training Scholarships















Carleen Huber represents USF in: 2015/2016 UN-NGO-CSW Women Empowerment Conferences



Newly formed independent UgoSunday Foundation NGO – 2016 Charity Activities in Nigeria

We are a volunteer – based charity organization. We raise funds to support women at risk and the needy through charity events, donations, contributions by members and generous participants like you. Thank you!